Who is Cristy Lane and what did she contribute to music?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Cristy Lane's contribution to music can be seen in her recognition that there was an entirely new demographic who appreciated country music in the 1980s. Lane's emphasis on "country fans in late middle age" was a new discovery. Country Music's changing demographic was critical to Lane's success.  Her hits such as "One Day at a Time" were songs that appealed to this demographic. Christy Lane's contribution to Country music can be seen in its appeal to this particular demographic of country music listener.  This was enhanced with her work in establishing Branson, Missouri as a new type of Nashville, where older fans of Country music were able to express their appreciation towards the music they revered.  Accordingly, Lane's contribution can be seen in how she approached her music. Lane contributed an element to fusion to Country music. She was able to reconcile Country music with a fusion of Gospel and spiritual reclamation along with traditional approaches of the genre.  Lane's addition of Gospel to Country music further resonated with fans who were of late middle age.  This helped to contribute a perceived authenticity to her music, making it all the more unique and distinctive.  In being able to bring Country music to a new demographic, Lane's contribution to music is significant.  It marks a point where Country music recognized a need for self- examination and reflection in terms of how to broaden its appeal.  Lane's work speaks to such a reality.  It is something that Country music has been mindful of as it continually seeks to make its mark with the precise audience that Lane targeted in the 1970s and 1980s.

laurto | Student

Cristy Lane an American singer. Her music styles are country and gospel. She is most notable for having her biggest hit "One Day at a Time" peak a number 1 in the country charts, even though it was a gospel song. She combined gospel and country and made it her own.