Who created the world of Christ?If God created the world, who created the world of Christ?

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

From a historical perspective, Christianity (or, as you call it, the world of Christ) originates from the doctrine that God sent a direct representative of himself to this world, as his son. From what is said in the Bible, God did this so that his son, Jesus, would bring a testimony to the world in which he will spread the Gospel of God.

All this is general, however, because the real part of Christianity is the belief in that, after Jesus was crucified by non-believers, he resuscitated on the third day. THAT belief would be the basis of Christianity, as well as believing in the fact that Jesus is the son of God.

However- from a personal perspective- the character of Jesus must have been influential enough to change a civilization and the mode of thinking of an otherwise semi-barbaric population. However (and this is a potentially HUGE issue), Jesus never wrote anything, did not leave a legacy (family, offspring, or any other relatives-that we know of), and his words and testimony were not written but DECADES after he was crucified.

Moreover, whatever has been written about Jesus, or quoting him, has been conveniently edited, banned, translated, or paraphrased by the many corrupt and vile Popes that have ruled the Catholic church over the centuries. Who is right? Who is wrong? Nobody knows.

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