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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The clear answer to this is that we do not know for sure who created us or if, indeed, anyone created us (assuming that you are referring to humankind, and not individuals, as “us”).  There are many different cultures in the world with many different creation stories.  We have no objective way of knowing which, if any, of them is true.

According to scientific research, we human beings are here because the Big Bang eventually led to the creation of Earth, which eventually led to the evolution of human beings.  In other words, we are here due solely to natural processes that began with the Big Bang and the formation of our universe.  Of course, this does nothing to explain how the Big Bang came about or where the material that caused the Big Bang came from. 

Most cultures have supernatural explanations for how humans (and the world) came to exist.  These explanations typically involve gods or a god creating the world and human beings.  Of course, all of these stories cannot be literally true.

We have no way of knowing (objectively speaking) whether human beings and the universe were created by random natural processes or whether they were created by a god or gods.