Who created the universe?  i need rational and logical arguments and evidences.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that you have already received much in way of feedback on this topic.  I do believe that you need to figure out a couple of things in terms of progression on the topic.  Know that you are advancing into the terrain of one of the most foundational questions of existence.  This type of question has been debated and discussed for thousands of years.  Consensus on such an issue cannot be fully embraced and understood beyond particular groups.  If you are looking towards some type of comprehension of different answers, you might have to embrace the explanations offered by science, religion, and other disciplines of inquiry.  It is going to be challenging to limit your scope to only one area of analysis.  Additionally, you might need to broaden the question to who or what played a role in creation.  I think that different sides will present different sets of rational and logical arguments to support their own view and understanding, but I am skeptical about finding some type of consensus or comprehension that will fully embrace the understanding and inquiry of any potential answer.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In my opinion, there is no way to rationally or logically discuss this and there is no way to give evidence other than on the basis of faith.

For example, scientists believe that they have discovered that the Big Bang led to the creation of the universe that we live in today.  But there is no way for scientists to know anything about what caused the Big Bang.  That is, they cannot know why there was all of this matter that caused the explosion.  They cannot know where that matter came from or what had happened to it before.  So far as science is concerned, there is no way to know anything about the time before the Big Bang.

So then you have to bring your own beliefs to bear, and there is no way for those to be rational.  You can say that there must have been a deity that caused the Big Bang.  But why must there have been?  Or you can say that the Big Bang must have occurred naturally.  But why must it have?  Both of these are suppositions based on a person's own beliefs.

besure77 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Like some of the previous responders stated, if you are looking for rational and logical evidence regarding the creation of the universe, you probably will not find it. There are only theories. Many people base their opinions on faith as well so the answer will be different for everyone. There is no right or wrong answers.
meganp0504 | Student

I dont think there is really anyway to prove who really created the universe put what every1 believes right now is that god created the universe in everything in it and if you dont believe me then look it up in the bible

picturesque | Student

The first step of creation as related in the Quran accurately describes the event of the Big Bang in the following words:

Do not the unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were a closed-up mass (ratqan), then We clove them asunder (fataqna)? And We made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe?2

It is significant that this verse is specifically addressed to non-believers, implying perhaps, that the unveiling of the secret mentioned in this verse would be made by the non-believers, a sign for them of the truth of the Quran.

In this verse the words ratqan (closed-up mass), and fataqna (We clove them asunder), carry the basic message of the whole verse. Authentic Arabic lexicons3 give two meanings of ratqan, that have great relevance to the topic under discussion. One meaning is 'the coming together of something and the consequent infusion into a single entity' and the second meaning is 'total darkness'. Both these meanings are significantly applicable. Taken together, they offer an apt description of the singularity of a black hole.


(Revelation, Rationality, Knowledge & Truth by Mirza Tahir Ahmad)

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picturesque | Student

Some of the theories relating to the creation of the universe have been verified as facts, whereas some others are still being explored. The concept of the expanding universe belongs to the former category, and has been universally accepted by the scientific community as 'fact'. This discovery was first made by Edwin Hubble in the 1920s. Yet some thirteen centuries before this, it was clearly mentioned in the Quran:

And the heaven We built with Our own powers (aydin) and indeed We go on expanding it (musi'un).1

It should be remembered that the concept of the continuous expansion of the universe is exclusive to the Quran. No other Divine scriptures even remotely hint at it. The discovery that the universe is constantly expanding is of prime significance to scientists, because it helps create a better understanding of how the universe was initially created. It clearly explains the stage by stage process of creation, in a manner which perfectly falls into step with the theory of the Big Bang. The Quran goes further and describes the entire cycle of the beginning, the end and the return again to a similar beginning.


(Revelation, Rationality, Knowledge & Truth by Mirza Tahir Ahmad)

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picturesque | Student


Everybody is debating here to show that his or her opinions are stronger and more true than others and it is what debate is.

And because i have solid and strong evidences to support my views so i can claim that i have solutions to their  problems.

elfgirl | Student

It is only yours and previous responders view and opinion... In fact there are very strong evidences about the existence of God but only for those who have eyes to see God. - Picturesque

... in your opinion, Picturesque. We all have a worthwhile opinion, don't we? We are all God's creatures. Should anyone really claim that their religious opinion is more 'true' than another person's religious opinion? Peace and Love.

picturesque | Student

If there is a God, Why can we not see Him?would first like to remove one misconception which commonly besets people with regard to the existence of God. If there is a God, why are we not able to see Him? This is hardly a new question, and we have heard it from time immemorial. The Holy Quran tells us that the same question was put to the Holy Prophet (saw) by the nonbelievers of Arabia. (Bani Isra’il 17:93)Whenever I hear people raising this question, I feel sorry for them. It is such a pity that when man stumbles and his reason becomes blunted by the veils of indifference, he starts denying even theself-evident truths. When this objection was raised in the past—however absurd and baseless it was—it had the potential to deceive some ignorant people. But what surprises me is that this objection should be raised in the present age! I am truly astonished at the intellect of people who use such objections to justify their denial of God.

(Our God by Mirza Bashir Ahmad)

picturesque | Student


Of course i will welcome all types of suggestions offered by all branches of knowledge including science which are based on rational and logical arguments. And these suggestions must also be fully natural(so stories and fantasies are not welcomed).

c-reader | Student

This world was not created on accident, nor was the earth and everything in it created from an explosion. You would need more faith to believe that this Universe happened out of nothing, than to believe that a God created it. All the proof we need is in the Bible. My theory is: "God spoke and bang, it happened"....  

picturesque | Student

Listen i suggest that science is nothing but trying to know or discover things and science does not have absolute knowledge about the universe. To know the absolute truth about universe science requires the support of divine revelation.

So do not consider science as your God. It is merely a group of human beings trying to know and discover the nature of things and nothing more.

krishna-agrawala | Student

There is no verifiable information available about the nature of entity that created the universe. Science only provides some information on the process of creation of the universe, without even trying to answer the question of who created the universe. Thus the science tells us about the event called big bang that let to the creation of universe from nothing. But it has no explanation on who caused the big bang.

Thus answer to the question is left to the logical reasoning that falls in the realm of philosophy and religion. These fields of thoughts, particularly the religious thoughts are often dismissed by some self-styled champions of science as irrational. But the fact is that the science has no better or more rational information about creator of the universe. Thus the the God continues to be the most strong contender for the position of "creator of the Universe.