Who created the stapler? I was asking and asking, but never got an answer.

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The stapler,as we know it today, has experienced some design changes over the course of history. According to some sources, the first stapler-type device was used by King Louis XV in 18th century France to inscribe his royal seal on official documents. Fast forward to 1866, George McGill invented a machine that could insert a brass fastener clip into paper. He refined his invention and applied for a patent in 1879 for his "single-stroke paper press". This invention weighed almost three pounds and held only one staple at a time. This brings us to the creation of the stapler we all recognize and use today. The B. Jahn Manufacturing Company produced a stapler in 1905 that could load an entire row of staples. They are commonly credited with inventing the stapler, however some also believe there is evidence to credit a man by the name of John Munford who developed and sold his stapler idea to his employer.

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