Who created The Scream?Very famous artist.

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One of the most famous paintings in the world--and also one of the most sought after by thieves--The Scream (1893) was created by the Norwegian artist Edvard Munch (1863-1944). There are two versions of the painting: The original can be found in the National Gallery of Norway, and a later version (1910) painted on cardboard is owned by the Munich Museum. Both have been the targets of art thieves; the original was stolen in 1994, and the Munich painting was taken 10 years later. Both were recovered in 2006. The Scream is considered one of the most recognizable paintings in the world, and it is an "important forerunner of expressionist art."

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Edvard Munch

blperry | Student

Edvard Munch, a Norwegian, created "The Ngiht Cry", better known as its translation, "The Scream". He painted this now iconic image, one of several he created in other media, (relief, and lithographic printing for example), in 1893. You might be interested in some fun animations of this painting available on the web, and it's also neat to see how the Scream figure has been used in hundreds of serious and not-so-serious political cartoons for events in our time like 9/11 for example.

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