Who are the Court Officers in the Crucible?

Expert Answers
missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You have three specific characters that might refer to what you are seeking an answer for.

First, Ezekiel Cheever is the clerk of the court. This means that he performs documentary errands and maintains a role of clerical jobs for the court. In your eyes, this may not qualify him to be an officer of the court. Marshall Herrick has a similar role in that he seems to be the police force for the town and he upholds and enforces law.

Next, Deputy Governor Danforth acts as the most supreme official of the court. He has the last word, but it seems as for matters of law, he is not willing to bend to common sense. He fears a wreckless society and is therefore willing to at least appear to maintain extreme order at all costs.

Finally, Judge Hathorne is representative of many magistrates of the day. His role in The Crucible is to be the judge that hears these trials. He has deep-seeded resentments that don't reveal themselves in the regular course of conversation.