Who is Cornelia and how does Granny feel towards her?

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cmcqueeney eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Cornelia is Granny's daughter who is caring for Granny.  Granny seems mostly annoyed by Cornelia.  She says that Cornelia is too good and dutiful and she needs a spanking.  When Cornelia is crying and praying over Granny, Granny doesn't understand what she's doing and tells her to go away.  Most of the annoyance probably comes as a result of Granny's illness which causes her to hallucinate.

davids6908 | Student

Cornelia is the Daughter of Granny Weatherall and George. She died three days after she was born. "when this one was born it shoud be the last It shoud have been born first, for it was the one she had truly wanted She was strong, in three days she would be as well as ever." Granny Weatherall was having an affair with George when she was with Jonh hince the letters to them both in the attic, she didn't want the kids to find them because they would know how foolish she once was. Cornelia was born when Weatherall was with John,but the baby wasn't Johns it was Georges'. Granny weatherall is going Crazy she is arguing with herself in her head and names the other one in her head Cornelia. Throughout the story granny weatherall is recolecting her past and uses Cornelia as the younger Granny Weatherall to give her life that she never had. Everytime she is talking to Cornellia she is talking to herself in her head. 

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