Who conquered India?

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To answer this question with any degree of certainty, a time frame is needed in the question.  Since no such time frame exists, I will attempt to briefly discuss important time periods when India was ruled by foreigners.  I selected periods that had the greatest cultural and social impact on India.

  • 500s B.C.--The Persians (Achaemenid Empire) ruled over large parts of India, and were followed by the Greeks under Alexander the Great in the 300s B.C.
  • 700s A.D.--Muslim armies from the Arabian Peninsula invade and conquer India.
  • 1600-1946 A.D.--India is part of the British Empire 

The most prominent imperial ruler of India was the British.  The queen granted a charter to the East India Company in India (1600) and by 1757, this company controlled India.  After a major rebellion in 1857, called the Sepoy Rebellion, the British Empire assumed control over India.  The British would rule over India until 1946.  


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