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The Devil's Arithmetic

by Jane Yolen

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Who comes to visit on the morning of the wedding and what does that person bring in "Devil's Arithmetic"?

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Yitzchak the Butcher comes to visit Gitl and Shmuel on the morning of the wedding.  He brings along two cages of chickens, which are his wedding gift to Shmuel and Fayge.

Yitzchak has wiry red hair, a bushy red beard, and shoulders "as wide as the door itself".  He is a gentle man, a widower, and he has two small children, Reuven and Tzipporah, who are blonde and no more than three or four years old.  Yitzchak appears to be courting Gitl, and he has come early on the morning of the wedding ostensibly to help her get the cottage cleaned up and in order for Shmuel and Fayge, so that it will be nice when they return there after their marriage night (Chapter 5).

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