Who were the colonists of Plymouth?

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The Plymouth colonists that I believe that this question refers to are the colonists that came to North America aboard the Mayflower in the year 1620. The main group of settlers aboard this ship was a group of religious dissenters that most people know as the Pilgrims. Theologically, these Pilgrims fall closely in line with the Puritans. A key belief of the Pilgrims was that they believed that reform was not possible for the Church of England; therefore, the Pilgrims thought complete separation from the Church of England was a better option. Thomas Weston and a group of London merchants gave the Pilgrims access to that option. Weston wanted to enter into colonial trade, so he financed the trip to North America. The ship contained the Pilgrims that made Plymouth so famous as well as non-separatist laborers hired by Westin.

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