Who are the characters of the story "The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky"?

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There are fifteen characters in Stephen Crane's "The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky":

  1. Jack Potter, the protagonist - He is the marshal of Yellow Sky. And, because he is important to the town, his marriage seems likely to take place in this town; however, Potter has gone to San Antonio and married his bride there. So, on the train, he is worried about the reaction of the town when they learn what he has done, and he hurries her home with him.
  2. Mrs. Potter - She is the new bride of the marshal, and does not suspect any conflicts that may occur upon their arrival in Yellow Sky.
  3. The station agent at the depot in Yellow Sky - He spots the marshal and calls to him, but, with their baggage, Potter hurries his wife along with him, ignoring the station agent.
  4. A porter on the trainHe recognizes that the couple is naive about train travel and "bullies them with skill" in subtle ways and surreptitiously mocks them.
  5. Another porter - He is not hateful in his heart and is kind to the couple in the dining car.
  6. A station agent - He is at the train depot and tries to catch Potter, but he and his wife avoid him, hurrying off to the adobe.
  7. The barkeeper - He closes the doors to the Weary Gentlemen Parlor when he hears Scratchy Wilson outside.
  8. A drummer, or traveling salesman - With five other men, he is drinking at the Weary Gentlemen Parlor and telling tall tales of his adventures.
  9. A Texan - He stands at the bar listening to the drummer.
  10. Another Texan - He is also at the bar drinking and listening.
  11. A Mexican - He also is at the bar drinking, listening, and being quiet.
  12. Another Mexican - He is with the others at the bar and behaving as the other Mexicans do.
  13. Another Mexican - He is standing quietly and listening while he drinks, too.
  14. A young man - He comes to the saloon and announces that Scratchy Wilson is on a rampage.
  15. Scratchy Wilson, the antagonist - He is like a character out of the dime novels about the Wild West, drunk and shooting wildly into the air and at the saloon dog. As Scratchy encounters the marshal and Mrs. Potter, Potter is not wearing his gun. When Potter tells him he has no gun, so he will either have to kill him or let him pass, Scratchy is “like a creature allowed a glimpse of another world,” and it is a place where he has never been. Disgruntled, he shuffles away, a defeated and outdated character.
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