Who are the characters in the book "I Heard the Owl Call My Name"?  I need to know a few facts about them.

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The main character in the book is Mark Bryan, a missionary sent by his Bishop to the remote Indian village of Kwakiutl in the Canadian province of British Columbia.  Mark, who is suffering from an unspecified terminal illness, is an intelligent, humble man who learns that the tribal values of the indigent people have much in common with his Christian beliefs.  The priest's spiritual journey enables him to discover harmony in nature, the importance of community, and, finally, peace in death.

Keetah and Gordon are a young couple of the Kwakiutl tribe who are caught between two worlds.  They venture into the white world and learn to live there, while keeping the values of their Indian heritage.

Other villagers include Marta, a patient, self-sacrificing old woman, Jim, who is Mark's helper and companion, George P., a tribal leader and elder who must watch as the old ways of life gradually disappear, and Old Peter, a wood carver who "endures like the mountains".  Among the white characters, the Bishop and Caleb, a veteran mission priest, are open-minded towards the Kwakiutl people and their traditions, and so are able to grow in wisdom; in contrast, the village teacher's primary concern is his monetary gain, and beyond that. he understands little of the heritage of the people he has come to serve.

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