Who are the characters in pages xi-32 in The Killer Angels?

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The major characters of The Killer Angels from pages xi-32:


  • GENERAL ROBERT E. LEE.  Lee is the commander of the Army of Northern Virginia. He confers with his second-in-command, Longstreet, concerning Union troop movements after meeting with the Confederate spy, Harrison.
  • LT. GEN. JAMES LONGSTREET.  He is Lee's "Old War Horse" and second in command. His spy, Harrison, has just reported to him concerning Union troop movements.
  • LT. GEN. J.E.B. STUART.  Stuart, Lee's cavalry commander, is not present but is mentioned by both Longstreet and Lee.
  • HARRISON, the spy.  Harrison opens the novel, reporting to Longstreet after learning of Union troop movements while traversing the Pennsylvania countryside.
  • WALTER TAYLOR.  Gen. Lee's aide.


  • MAJ. GEN. GEORGE MEADE.  Meade, the new commander of the Army of the Potomac, is mentioned but not present.
  • COLONEL JOSHUA CHAMBERLAIN.  Chamberlain commands a regiment of Maine troops. He will later play a major part in the upcoming battle.
  • CAPTAIN ELLIS SPEAR.  Spear is Chamberlain's second-in-command.
  • LIEUTENANT TOM CHAMBERLAIN.  The brother of Joshua Chamberlain.
  • SGT. BUSTER KILRAIN.  Kilrain is actually a "former" sergeant who has been busted down a rank. He is an aide to Col. Chamberlain. (Kilrain is one of the only fictional characters in the novel. His name is a variation of "Killer Angels."
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