Who are the characters in The Watsons go to Birminham-1963?

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clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Kenneth Bernard Watson (Kenny): 10 years old; protagonist; emotional; thinker; typical middle child.

Byron (By) Watson: 13 years old; Kenny's brother; juvenile delinquint; "Mr. Cool"; not especially close to the family; rebellious.

Joetta Watson (Jo or Joey): 5 years old; Kenny's sister; adores both her big brothers; typical kindergartener.

Momma and Dad: Kenny's parents; Dad moved from Michigan and is a provider, caretaker, and funny.  Momma is firm but loving, and always supports her husband.

Rufus: Kenny's best friend (eventually) in the 4th grade; new kid in town; an outcast like Kenny.


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