who are the characters in the watsons go to birmingham?

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As answered by a fellow teacher -- text copied from enotes.com: 

Kenny Watson is the protagonist of the story. He is ten years old, and he has a lazy eye that refuses to respond to treatment. He is highly intelligent and suffers a lot of harassment from classmates because of it. He feels uncomfortable at home too, because he is the middle child.

By Watson is thirteen and a handful of trouble. He loves to push the limits of his parents patience, enjoys having a tough image, and is dazzled by the gang lifestyle. By enjoys antagonizing Kenny, as well.

Joella is Kenny's five year old sister. She is playful and imaginative. She loves both of her brothers.

Mr. Watson is a factory worker hoe works hard to provide for his family. He tries to impart his strong moral values and character to his children.

Mrs. Watson is strong and spirited. She is a devoted mother who believes in loving her children, but also using discipline when necessary.