Who are the characters in Treasure Island?  

Expert Answers
bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Other characters in Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island include:

BILLY BONES.  Billy Bones is the mysterious and colorful pirate who appears at the Admiral Benbow Inn and stays for several months, drinking rum all day and telling stories to anyone who will listen. He takes a liking to young Jim before Billy drops dead of a stroke.

BEN GUNN.  Ben Gunn is the shipwrecked pirate who inhabits Treasure Island. Ben befriends the squire and the loyal members of the crew when they arrive and, we find later, that Ben has already discovered the hidden treasure.

BLACK DOG.  The first pirate to locate Billy Bones at the Admiral Benbow Inn, Black Dog is distinguished by his two missing fingers on his left hand. Billy runs him off from the inn, but he later turns up at Long John Silver's inn.

CAPTAIN FLINT.  Although he never appears in the book, Flint is the former leader of the pirate crew who has buried the treasure and left Ben Gunn behind. Silver has named his ever-present parrot after the captain.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many characters in this book -- too many for me to list and discuss in the space allowed.  Here are some of the most important characters:

  • Jim Hawkins.  This is the young boy who narrates most of the story.  He is an innkeepers son who ends up going on the adventure to Treasure Island.
  • Dr. Livesey.  He lives near Jim and Jim is gives him the treasure map.  The doctor organizes the adventure.
  • Squire Trelawaney.  He is a nobleman from the area where Jim lives.  He also helps organize the treasure hunt.
  • Captain Smollet.  He is the captain of the ship that they take on the adventure.  The characters mentioned so far are the main "good guys" in the book.
  • Long John Silver.  This is the leader of the pirates who are disguised as the crewmen on the ship.  They are on the trip because they were members of the crew that brought the treasure to the island.  He wants the treasure for himself.