Who were the characters of the story The Twenty-One Balloons?  

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Professor William Waterman Sherman: The protagonist of the story, who decided to travel the world by balloon upon retirement in 1883, became world famous when he was discovered among the wreckage of 20 balloons in the Atlantic Ocean, following the well-known eruption of the volcanic island of Krakatoa. He tells his story to the Western American Explorer’s Club and is adamant that only this institution should be the first to hear of it. His discovery of the amazing utopian island of Krakatoa and its subsequent destruction by its volcano is verified by the diamond cuff-links he maintains on his person, given to him from the diamond mines on Krakatoa before it was destroyed.

The families of Krakatoa: There are 20 families on the island, originally from America, and each is assigned a letter of the alphabet. The families each consist of a father, mother, son, and daughter. Each family hosts the entire island for a meal of a different international cuisine. As explained by Mr. F:

“The A.’s...

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