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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In this young adult novel by Gregory Galloway the main character is the narrator and remains unnamed.  His telling of the story centers on the family of, well mostly the girl, Anna Cayne who wants to be called Anastasia.  She is heavy into the gothic lifestyle and spends her time writing the obituaries of the people in town.  Besides the narrator and Anna, there is Carl Hathorne, the narrator’s friend and confidante, the parents of Anna Cayne, the narrator’s mother and father and brother, plus other school friends are mentioned, but these people are the main characters in the book. To listen to part of this intriguing novel follow the link below.

ponyboilover | Student

First, there's the narrator (his name isn't mensioned), his friend Carl (The drugdealer), Anna ( the goth who later becomes the narrator's girlfriend), Claire (Anna's goth friend), and the narrator's brother (I forget his name). Did I leave out any1?

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