Who are the characters in Second-Class Citizen by Buchi Emecheta? 

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Our protagonist in this great novel is Adah Ofili, and the story follows her life from childhood into adulthood. Adah was born in Lagos, Nigeria, and due to the "unfortunate" fact that she was a girl, she was not allowed to go to school despite desperately wanting to. Through sheer tenacity and determination, Adah eventually completes a four-year course at the Methodist Girls' School.

Knowing she would never be permitted to live on her own and further her studies at a tertiary level, Adah marries Francis Obi. Francis is a student, and he is poor. In fact, his family later comes to rely on Adah's income once she starts working.

One of Adah's children—a son named Victor—becomes ill, and his illness, together with the way that both Adah and Victor are treated by Francis, becomes a catalyst for Adah's realization that she cannot accept anything but the best for her children.

Adah's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ofili , are other minor characters worth mentioning. It is thanks to the negligence of Mrs....

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