Who are the characters in The Rules of the Road and what are their descriptions?

Expert Answers
alexb2 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The main character is Jenna, a 16 year old who is tall, overweight, and has red hair. She works in a shoe store owned by Madeline Gladstone, who is an older woman with a tough disposition.

Another character is Harry Bender, a former alcoholic who has turned to AA and is now sober and a kind, giving man. This is in contrast to Jenna's own alcoholic father.

Other characters include Jenna's mother, Jenna's 14 year-old sister Faith, Mrs. Gladstone's son Elden, who cares more about money then the quality of the shoes they sell, and Alice Lovett, a former shoe model and friend of Mrs. Gladstones who is kind to Jenna and shows her how to dress better.