Who are the characters in "The Ramsay Scallop?"

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This is a coming of age story set in Medieval times.  The protagonist is Lady Elenor, a tenacious and observant young woman.  The story tells of her upbringing from child to adult.  She meets a variety of men and women - from nuns to shepards - and listens to and questions all of them, learning about people and about her world as she does.  Through the process of investigation, she is able to understand that Thomas Thornham will be a good husband for her and she is able to accept her duties as a wife and a woman.

Thomas Thornham is her intended.  Though he teased her when she was young, and spends much time trying to curb her high spirits, Thomas grows to love Elenor for her intelligence and her companionship.  Thomas himself is brave, strong, and smart.  He is devoutly religious and loyal, and wishes always do right in God's eyes.  He also experiences growth as a result of his personal pilgrimage.

Father Gregory is a mentor to both characters, and encourages them each to take their pilgrimages, knowing that a better understanding of self and world is needed for them to be successful adults.

Pierre is a shepard who first rescues Elenor, and then tries to take her as his own pleasure.  He explains to Elenor his belief about the beauty in physical love.

Hassan, the Saracen, shares Pierre's hut and is able to tell Elenor about other faiths, besides Christianity.

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