Who are the main characters in The Zero Game?

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The main characters in The Zero Game are:

Matthew Mercer

He is a thirty-two year old Capitol Hill staffer for Congressman Cordell and the narrator of the novel. Matthew is disillusioned with his work in politics; he thinks eight years in politics is too long and he's had enough of working at Capitol Hill. Matthew is serious and often pessimistic. He works in the House Of Representatives.

Harris Sandler

He is Matthew's colleague and good friend. He is thirty five years old and at twenty-nine years old became one of the youngest Chiefs of Staff ever hired by a senator. He is fun-loving, charming, and excels in social discourse. He works in the Senate. He gets Matthew his first job at Capitol Hill and convinces Matthew to play the Zero Game, where anonymous bets are placed on whether a piece of legislation passes.

Viv Parker

Viv is the teenage Senate page who assists Harris Sandler in his quest to find out who Matthew's killer is. As they try to investigate the Wendell Mining Company, they are trailed by a ruthless killer, Martin Janos.

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