Who are the characters in Nibelungenlied? How can you describe them? Give at least 10 characters.

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seaofknowledge eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Nibelungenlied is a German epic about the German prince Siegfried.

Here are many of the main characters:

Dietrich: He is the hero of upper Germany, fiance to Herrat

Herrat: daughter of Nantwin and Dietrich's fiance

Gunther: He is the senior king of Burgundy, son of Dancrat and Uote

Etzel: (Also known as Atilla and King of the Huns) He is the son of Botelung and the husband of Helche

Botelung: He is the father of Etzel.

Helche: She is Etzel's first wife and queen and Herrat's aunt

Hagen: He is the lord of Troneck, used to be held by Etzel's court

Aldrian: He is the father of Hagen and Dancwert.

Volker: Alzei lord and musician, Hagen's comrade

Alberich: Dwarf and Lord Treasurer of the Nibelung Dynasty.

Walther: hero from Spain, used to be held by Etzel, lover of Hildegund

Siegmund: King of Netherlands, married to Sieglind and father to Siegfried

Siegfried: Siegmund's son and Lord of Netharlands and Norway, husband of Kriemhild

Kriemhild: Dancrat and Uote's daughter, wife of Siegfried and later Etzel, mother of Gunther, Ortlieb