Who are the characters in "Le Morte D'Arthur?" And please give me or show the summary of the story.

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There are a large number of characters in this story.  Some of the main characters are:


“Arthur  the ruler of Camelot

 Launcelot  a friend and special knight in the court.

Merlin a great sorcerer and the man who came up with the idea of the “round table.”

Archbishop of Canterbury, arranges for the gathering of the lords.

Lamorak de Galis  a knight famous for his valor and his strength.

King Evelake  is an ancient ruler. He has been promised that he will live long enough to see the virtuous knight who will complete the Grail Quest.

Galahad  the son of Launcelot. He is the best of the knights, the only one capable of succeeding in the Grail Quest.

Gawain  is Arthur's nephew, the oldest child of King Lot.

Guinevere the daughter of Leodegrance and the wife of Arthur.

Lady of the Lake  assists Merlin in his goals. She demands a promise of Arthur when she returns his sword to him.”

There is a wonderful summary and a complete character list at the links listed below.

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