Who are the characters of Jaws?Inculde brief descriptions of characters.

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brendawm eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The characters of Peter Benchley’s Jaws include, of course, the shark, and an array of human characters.  There are many minor characters, but the protagonist of the story is Martin Brody, Amity’s Chief of Police, a hard working man whose job it is to protect the town from the killer shark. Brody’s dissatisfied wife, Ellen, who has an affair, to add a little zest to the story, with another character, Matt Hooper, a much younger man and an oceanographer. There is a little class struggle between the working class Brody and the upper class Hooper, who eventually come together as a team to hunt down the shark.  One other major character is Quint, a professional shark hunter who works with Brody and Hooper to bring the shark down.  Quint is a loner who cares only about money.  He is sure he can end the shark, but the shark has other ideas. Mayor Larry Vaughan is mostly a minor character who is there to mainly slow down the action with inane ramblings about losing money during the tourist season; he supposedly has Amity's best interests at heart.  On the other hand, he also has a lot of interest in preserving the economics of his community.

diamondhead | Student

Jaws's character's are-

Martin Brody-Police Chief.

Quint-A proffessional Shark hunter and a sea captain.

Matt Hooper-An oceanographist.

Ellen Brody-Martin's wife.

Bruce-The Great White Shark

Alexander Kinter-A small boy who is the shark's victim.

Chrissie Watkins-The first victim.

Larry Vaughan-The Amity's mayor.

Ben Gardener-A fisherman and a victim.

In the movie Quint was the shark's last victim who was played by Robert Shaw. Hooper barely escaped with his life.

But in the book Quint was killed by the shark but differently-He(Quint) stuck a big knife on the shark with a rope and by accident he was pulled into the water and drowned to death.

In the book Hooper was the shark's victim and he was quite a villain but in the movie he was quite heroic.

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