Who is the main character in Game by Walter Dean Myers?

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The main character in Game by Walter Dean Myers is a teenager living in Harlem who plays basketball. He is a very good player and his basketball game has given the dream of a lifetime. This young man's name is Drew Larson. In Game, he is a senior at James Baldwin Academy and plays guard on the basketball team.

Drew lives in a rough neighborhood. Even though he has loving devoted parents and a helpful younger sister, there are drugs and dealers on the corners, there is poverty and hopelessness around every corner and there are a of people who never had a dream or who lost their dreams. Drew is determined to see his dream through. He focuses all his energies on giving his best for the team and for the colleges coaches and scouts who come out to find new talent for their college teams. Drew gives his all, even when the unexpected happens and his hopes for living his dream begin to fade.


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