Who are the characters in Frederick Marryat's, The Phantom Ship?Descriptions of the characters.

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The main character in Frederick Marryat's The Phantom Ship is Philip Vanderdecken. A "daring, impetuous, moody" young man from Holland, Philip is trying to find his father, doomed to captain the Flying Dutchman for sacrilegious oath to heaven and killed a shipmate in his travels. He hopes to save his father by giving him a Holy Cross to wear, which might release him from his punishment.

Amine is the story's heroine. She is romantic and superstitious, but has an admirable determination and courage. Krantz is the strange, one-eyed "faithful friend" of Philip's. There are other minor characters such as the stingy (overly frugal) Dr. Poots; Klootz and his bear; Barentz and his sweetheart, the crazy "Vrow Katerina;" finally, there is the entertaining Portuguese Commandant. (There is also a chapter about a werewolf.)