The Doll's House Questions and Answers
by Katherine Mansfield

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Who are the characters in "The Doll's House" by Katherine Mansfield?    

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The characters in the short story "The Doll's House" are the following:

Lil Kelvey- the older of the two Kelvey sister. She is often seen in a protective role, as Else Kelvey always follows her around and sticks really close to her. Lil is known for the "silly smile" she gives even as she is directly insulted by her classmates. She is described in the story as 

“stout, plain child, with big freckles.”

Else Kelvey- the younger Kelvey sister usually walks closely to her sister as if seeking for her protection. It is Else who, ultimately, gets to see the doll house's lamp, which is so important to the story.

Kezia Burnell- Kezia is the youngest of the Burnell sisters, who are well-to-do, and receive the beautiful dollhouse as a gift. Kezia is also the one most fascinated with the miniature oil lamp of the doll's house. Additionally, it is Kezia who approaches the Kelveys and, in a never-before-seen move, asks them to come over and see the famous doll's house. 

Isabel Burnell is the eldest of the Burnell sisters- She is described as "bossy" and clearly was in control of the other two sisters as far as the doll house goes. Isabel always wants to be the first to talk about it. 

Lottie, the middle child of the Burnells, was more akin to her older sister, Isabel, in that they both "enjoyed visitors" and loved having them over to look at their doll's house. 

The adult characters include:

Mrs. Kelvey- a washerwoman, and the mother of the girls. 

Mr. Kelvey- not a character in the story except by mention; He is the father of the Kelvey girls, and presumed to be in jail. 

Mrs. Hay- a guest at the Burnell household, and the person who gifted the dollhouse to the girls. 

Aunt Beryl- the Burnell's aunt and the person who ran off the Kelveys upon seeing them in the home. 

Emmie Cole, Jessy May, Lena Logan- kids from school who bullied the Kelveys. 

Ms. Lecky- postmistress who handed down her hat to Mrs. Kelvey and now Lil wears it.

The teacher- She is mean and makes faces whenever Lil comes to bring her flowers that she picks on her way to school. 

Pat- a driver in the Burnell household and servant. 

Willie Brent- a potential love interest of Aunt Beryl.

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