Crazy Heart by Thomas Cobb Questions and Answers

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Who are the main characters in Crazy Heart

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The novel Crazy Heart by Thomas Cobb revolves around two interesting characters: Otis Blake and Jean Craddock. Their encounter and later relationship are the heart of the story. However, the story belongs to an over-the-hill country musician based on the real life singer Hank Thompson.

Self-destructive Otis Blake, better known as Bad Blake, swings from the derelict, irresponsible singer and song writer to the attentive lover of a woman and her small son. There is not much that Blake has not experienced:

Son, I have played sick, hurt, drunk, married, divorced, on the run, and run to ground. Bad Blake has never pulled a no show in his

Blake is living on the edge with a defective heart and alcoholism, yet he is able to pull the reader into his world with his charm. Yes, Blake may be crazy, but he has heart.

Jean Craddock, an aspiring journalist, wants an interview with this broken down country music star. With her comes a ray of hope for Blake. But this is not a country music song where everything comes out all right in the end. Unfortunately, Blake makes one too many mistakes and loses Jean and her son.

Eventually, Blake does sober up and writes  a song that provides him with financial stability. He hopes that Jean will allow him to come back into her life. When he sees her again, she is engaged but still needing that interview. In the end, Blake rises to the occasion securing the economic future of Jean's son and finally giving her that interview.

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