Who are the characters of "Coming, Aphrodite"?the summary of coming aphrodite.the setting of the story

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The story "Coming Aphrodite" is centered around two main characters, Don Hedger and Eden Bower.  Don Hedger is a talented painter who lives in Washington Square.  He inhabits a dingy, top-floor apartment with an English bulldog, and is jealously protective of his privacy and solitary way of life.  Don is not a wealthy man by any means, and, in the past, when it seemed that success might be just around the corner, he seemed to actively avoid pursuing those avenues which might have brought him greater financial security.

Eden Bower is a beautiful young girl from the West, who plans to study music in Paris.  Eden moves in next door to Don, and upsets his carefully isolated existence.  Don at first pays no attention to her, but after he secretly witnesses her dancing naked in her room, he becomes obsessed by her beauty and can no longer concentrate on his art.

Don and Eden embark on a tempestous relationship which ends when Eden enlists the help of a successful commercial artist, Burton Ives, to help Don get ahead.  Hurt that Eden so obviously does not understand the true value of his works, Don stays away for a few days, and finds that Eden has gone to Paris when he returns.  Don settles back into his isolated existence, and twenty years pass.

Eden returns after two decades and discovers that Don has established a strong reputation, but has never had much financial success.  He has remained true to his art, however, in contrast to Eden, who, presented in a garish light, has lived her life only to attain success.

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