Who are the characters in E.B. White's Charlotte's Web?  

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There are many different human and animal characters in E.B. White's animal fable Charlotte's Web. Here is a list and short description of the characters in the novel.

Wilbur- The main character who begins life as a runt. The novel circles around the idea if Wilbur will live a long life or die as farm pigs are meant to.

Charlotte- A spider who weaves webs in order to try to save Wilbur's life.

Fern Arable- The little girl who saves Wilbur from being killed because he is a runt. Fern can hear Wilbur and the other animals speak.

Henry Fussy- Fern's friend who she begins to have feelings for (by the end of the novel).

Homer Zuckerman- Fern's uncle who keeps Wilbur after Fern can no longer keep him. Homer takes Wilbur to fairs and promotes him as Charlotte weaves sayings into her web.

Templeton- Templeton is a rat who lives on the Zuckerman farm. Charlotte bribes him into helping the fight for Wilbur's life.

Uncle- Uncle is the pig at the fair who Wilbur thinks he has to beat in order to live. Uncle wins the "Best Pig" prize, but Wilbur wins one as well.

There are also horses, geese, sheep, and a lamb who sporadically speak to Wilbur.

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