Who is Eliza, and what did she do?the book is fever 1793

mkcapen1 | Student

Eliza is a freed African American slave.  She works at a coffeehouse and is Mattie's best friend.  She is around 30 years old. Eliza helps Mattie nurse and care for the sick people who are suffering from the fever.  She carries a knife in her waistband and builds a make shift fan to keep the children cool.

When the frost comes Eliza moves the furniture outside so that the frost can kill the fever germs.  Eliza cooks up a Thanksgiving feast for the family.  Mattie asks Eliza to be her partner in the coffeehouse.

fattycat17 | Student

Have you read the book!?!?

nyabishmen-of-doom | Student

She is a main charactor. If you dont know that, you havnt read the book

cooldude1234 | Student

i need help this 5 grades  pleaze help me