Who is the central character in the story?

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In my opinion, the central character in Virginia Woolf's short story, "A Haunted House" is the narrator, presumably the married woman who lives in the house the two ghosts shared together when they were alive.  I think the tone of the story is inquisitive, since the narrator seems to be curious about why the ghosts are in her house.  One would think the narrator would fear the ghosts, but she does not seem to feel this way at all.  Overall, it's a positive story, even though the title may have negative connotations for the reader.  The story is told from a first person narrator in a stream-of-consciousness style.  I believe Woolf does this to show the ways in which the narrator is connected to the ghosts.  At the end of the story, she realizes that the ghosts have found what they have been looking for: the love they shared for each other.  Beautifully enough, they find it in the relationship the narrator shares with her husband.

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