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The Most Dangerous Game

by Richard Edward Connell

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In "The Most Dangerous Game," who is in the cellar?

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Certainly, the circusmstances surrounding Sanger Rainsford's washing ashore on Ship-Trap Island are very mysterious, a condition which well serves to create suspense in the reader. After the menacing Ivan captures him and takes him to the chateau of the bizarre-appearing General Zaroff, Rainsford dines with the Cossack, who tells his guest that he lives for hunting dangerous game, and so he hunts an unorthodox prey. other men. When Rainsford expresses horror at this statement, Zaroff has "a trace of anger" cross his face at the suggestion that he cruelly "shoots down men" as Rainsford suggests,

"I treat these visitors with every consideration....They get into splendid physical condition."

The general then informs Rainsford that he will visit "the training school" in the cellar of the chateau where, at present, he has about twelve "pupils." These are sailors from a Spanish ship, San Lucar, that wrecked on the rocks of the treacherous island. They will soon become "the more dangerous game" Zaroff says he now hunts after becoming weary of less challenging hunts. Hearing this, Rainsford can only feel terror as the existence of the men in the cellar foreshadows Rainsford's own fate.

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