Who is Cecil Jacobs in To Kill a Mockingbird?

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Cecil Jacobs is a classmate of Scout’s, and we see Cecil appear in the novel a couple of times.  The first time, Cecil teases Scout about Atticus defending a “nigger” when word gets out that Atticus has taken Tom Robinson’s case. Scout begins a fight with Cecil in the schoolyard.  Cecil is also known for walking a mile out of his way home from school so he doesn’t have to pass Boo Radley’s or Mrs. Dubose’s house. 

His major scene is on the night of the Halloween Pageant.  As Jem and Scout are walking to the pageant, Cecil jumps out of the bushes and shines a flashlight in their eyes scaring them.  Later when the children leave the pageant and hear footsteps behind them, they think it is Cecil Jacobs again.  Scout yells out, “Cecil Jacobs is a big, fat hen,” but it isn’t long before they realize that it is Bob Ewell seeking revenge against Atticus.

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