who can tell me what is Irony, Synecdoche, Metonymy, Metaphor, Bildungsroman,and Genre in eastist way or in easist santances?this is my...

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Irony is the opposite of what is expected (the police station is robbed). Synecdoche is when a part of an object, person, place is used to describe the whole.  When you ask your friends for a hand, you don't really want their hand- you want what's attached to it.  The hand is a part of the whole person you want to help you.

Metonymy is similar and often confused for synecdoche, but is more metaphorical.  Metonymy is a commonly associated attribute used to describe a person, place, thing.

  • The crown today wished the prince well in his marriage.

Clearly the crown can't talk.  Who's associated with the crown? The Queen.

A metaphor is a comparison between two things without using like or as.  The night was smooth velvet. Or my favorite, The boy was not a bright crayon.  The night isn't velvet and the boy can't be  a crayon, but the metaphor compares the two with similar (or dissimilar) attributes.

A bildunsroman describes a work that discusses a characters journey.  Huck Finn is a bildunsroman because it not only follows his journey down the Mississippi, but also shows his personal growth as a result of the journey.