In "To Kill a Mockingbird," who can people trust in Maycomb, Alabama?

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Susan Woodward eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The reader will find that there are several trustworthy characters in To Kill a Mockingbird.  Whether other people in Maycomb will agree with the reader's point of view is a different story.

Atticus Finch is probably the most trustworthy man in the entire county of Maycomb.  He stands up for what he believes is right, even to the extent where he is shunned by some members of his community for taking the "wrong" side.  He does his best to give Tom Robinson a strong defense in a trial that was doomed to end in a conviction because of the color of Tom Robinson's skin.  Even so, Atticus hoped to take the case to a higher court and win, proving that he intended to stay by Tom's side throughout the ordeal.  He also allows his other clients to pay him in whatever means they have for his services.  Mr. Cunningham pays in hickory nuts and other produce in exchange for Atticus' fair service in an entailment case.

Miss Maudie is also trustworthy, and she acts as a confidant to Scout.  She does not exhibit hypocritical racist behavior, unlike many of the women in the Missionary Society.  Sadly, the town zealots ridicule Miss Maudie for not going to church, even though Miss Maudie is well versed in what the Bible has to say.

Calpurnia is also trustworthy and does her best to help raise Scout and Jem to become fine adults.  Some people in town criticize Atticus for hiring a black woman to help rear his children, though.

nadzirah | Student

Ms Maudie beccause unlike Stephanie Crawford, she is not the 'neighbourhood scold'.

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