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Lyddie is a story about one young girl, who is determined to make a better life for herself. She has to take on adult responsibilities and try to help her family. 

Lyddie is a thirteen year old girl. She lives on a farm with her mother and siblings. At the beginning of the story a bear comes into their house. Lyddie stares it down while her family gets to safety in the loft. The bear eventually leaves without doing any damage. Her mother sees the bear as the devil and wants to leave. Lyddie stays at the farm. She has taken on the work load of her father, who has joined the gold rush. Lyddie learns her mother has hired her out to work as a servant girl. Lyddie works several jobs to try to pay off the debt on the farm. She works in factories and learns that education is the answer to make a better life. She tries to get her family back together, but her mother has gone mad. Lyddie has to eventually deal with the death of her mother. Her uncle wants to sell the farm and this upsets Lyddie. The farm is sold anyway. 

The story really shows the strength and courage of a young girl trying to do what is expected of her. Lyddie has to face tremendous loss and horrible working conditions. It is a great story showing how important education and family is to a person. 

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