In The Devil's Arithmetic who came to Gitl and Shmuel's house right before the wedding and what did he bring with him?

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Yitzchak, the butcher, came to visit Gitl and Shmuel's house before the wedding.  He came to see if he could help with anything. He also brought his children, and his wedding gift.  His gift was two cages of chickens.  He thought he would deliver them to the house and then they wouldn't have to bother to get them back from Viosk after the wedding.  However, Gitl wanted them taken to Viosk so that people could see what they were worth. Yitzchak and the children help by feeding the animals.  He says,

"Tzipporah (his daughter)is wonderful about collecting eggs.  A real specialist.  And Reuven (his son)  knows just when to shoo them off the nest.....We are sorry if we disturbed you.  We thought we would come over early and, in that way, help." (pg 40)

Yitzchak really likes Gitl, but she is not interested in him.