Who is called to back up John's testimony, what happens? the question is in the third act of the book

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Elizabeth is called in to corroborate the story; however, she senses that what she says will have profound consequences for her husband. Elizabeth, not knowing that John has confessed, and allowed no help from him, is torn. When forced to answer directly if John is a lecher, she denies it to save his name. John now stands accused of falsehood.

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Elizabeth Proctor is called to back up John's testimony. John expects her to tell the court about the affair, but because she has no clue wether or not to tell she hesitates when questioned about Abigail's reason of why she kicked Abigail out. She doesn't tell Danforth what truly happened because she knew that if she told him about the affair John and Abigail had, there will be consequences for John.