Who built the Suez Canal, why is it important, and when was it built?

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ako6777 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The digging of the Suez Canal begun in 1859 and the canal finally opened in 1869.  The Suez Canal was built by the Suez Canal Company also known as Compagnie universelle du canal maritime de Suez. 

The importance of the Suez Canal is that it opened up travel between the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea.  Before the Suez Canal was built ships had to travel around the tip of Africa.  With the creation of the Suez Canal ships could cut their travel time significantly.

Another point of significance is that the Suez Canal made it easier for European nations to access and colonize Africa.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Suez Canal was built in the 1860s.  It opened in 1869.

The canal was built by a company called the Suez Canal Company.  It was a company that was owned mostly by investors in France, but there was some Egyptian participation in the ownership.  The actual work was done by Egyptians, many of whom were forced to work by their government.

The canal was important because it would cut huge amounts of time off the shipment of goods from Asia to Europe.  This was important for everyone, and especially for the British because it made it easier for them to trade with their colony in India.

trebek | Student

The French built the Suez canal in the 1860's.   It cut roughly half the distance  that certain European countries would have to travel, to their wealthy colonies, in Asia and east Africa.   It also made the trip less dangerous,  since going around the Cape of Good Hope,  was often plagued by terrible weather.   These trade routes proved to be an economic boon to much of Europe and the New World as well.


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