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In Truman Capote’s short story, “A Christmas Memory,” Buddy’s best friend is actually a distant cousin who lives in the same family home that he does.  In spite of their age difference, they are confidants. Buddy is a seven-year-old boy while she is a woman in her sixties, who endured a long illness when she was a child. In spite of her age, she is still child-like in her thoughts and actions. She is an innocent person with an intuition for things such as “fruitcake weather” based on what is occurring in her natural surroundings.

Buddy describes her as being white-haired and thin with a “craggy” face. He tells the reader that she is still “sprightly” in her movement.

Many years ago, when she was just a child, she lost her friend named Buddy, and that is why she calls the narrator by the same name. In her child-like manner, she replaced her lost friend with her young cousin.

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