Who brought the Hitler article into class in To Kill A Mockingbird and why does he have trouble understanding?

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Current events was a regular event in Miss Gates' class in To Kill a Mockingbird, but not everyone came up with interesting articles. Little Chuck Little was busy reviewing an advertisement when Miss Gates announced, "Charles, that is not a current event." However, "Cecil Jacobs knew what one was, though." He took the stage and began talking about "Old Hitler." It was Cecil who brought up the subject of Hitler rounding up the Jews and "all the half-Jews, too." Miss Gates was pleased. "Very good, Cecil," she said.

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This is in Chapter 26.  No one actually brought in an article about Hitler, I do not think.  But the kid who starts talking about Hitler is Cecil Jacobs.

It is not clear whether he brought an actual article, but he is definitely the one who brings up the subject.  Before him, little Chuck Little brought something that he thought was an article.  Sadly for him, it was an advertisement.

But Cecil knew better than Chuck.  He had a real current event to talk about, but it never actually says he brought the article with him.