Who brings Charlotte her trunk in The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle?

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When Charlotte boards the Seahawk, Barlow takes charge of her trunk and brings it onboard the Seahawk. As the voyage begins, Charlotte spends four days in her room overcome with seasickness. When she recovers she is asked to tea with Captain Jaggery. During their conversation, she talks about her trunk and the need to change clothes. Captain Jaggery asks her if she knows where it is, but Charlotte shakes her head and says that Mr. Barlow had taken it when she boarded.

Following this exchange, the Captain orders Barlow down from the foreyard and asks where the trunk is. Barlow states that he placed it in top steerage and the Captain orders him to take her to it. Barlow takes her down, giving her a tour of the brig and cargo deck while warning her about the rats and roaches. He shows her where the trunk is stored telling her, “now that you know where it is, you could fetch things on your own.”

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