Who is the book about? what kind of life do these people live?

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Of Mice and Men is a novel about two protagonists, George Milton, a short-tempered, but devoted friend to the sweet-natured, but slow-witted (mentally handicapped) Lennie Small. They travel from place to place working on farms, until they reach the end of the road, near the Salinas River, South of Soledad, California. 

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"Of Mice and Men" takes place during the Great Depression, and it follows the life of two migrant farmers searching for work in the vegatable fields of California. They work very hard and get paid very little--struggling to survive. Migrant farmers often lived in very poor conditions and were forced to move often to follow the harvest seasons; once the harvests were completed, their work was no longer needed.

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This book happens against the backdrop of Depression-era America , which the economical conditions of that disastrous period victimized the two main characters like George and Lennie, whom were in a quest for land, that was ultimately twarted by cruel and powerful forces of nature beyond their complete control, but the ultimate tragedy was caused by three main factors, brotherly love and steadfastness compassion and empathy by the characters.

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I feel like people are answering this question way to literally. Look at the bigget picture. The characters are based in general off of real people. Lennie was a real person who really killed somebody and who was really mentally challanged and whom in this time they really didn't know what to do with. While he wasn't really killed the question remains "Would that have been the more humain thing to do?"

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