Who bombs Himmel Street in The Book Thief?

The Allies bomb Himmel Street.

Expert Answers

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In "The End of the World, Part II" Himmel Street is bombed without warning by the Allies, namely the United States, Great Britain, France, and other countries that banded against Hitler and the other Axis powers. The text does not specify which of the Allies was responsible for this particular bombing run. Bombing raids, however, were frequent towards the end of the war, as Death notes. At this point, the Germans lacked the air power to adequately defend themselves. The Allies hoped to demoralize the German people through this tactic and thus hasten the fall of Germany.

One of these bombing runs completely destroys Himmel Street, which is in a poor section of the city. Everyone but Liesel is killed. The street after the bombing is described as looking like a "ruined canal." Walking through, Liesel meets the dead bodies of loved ones, such as Rudy, Mama, and Papa. This is a devastating blow for Liesel, particularly the loss of Papa, a man she loved dearly. She has a vision of him arising and playing his accordion. Then she sees him lying dead again. Just as the chapter ends, Death sees Leisel's manuscript on a trash truck and quickly plucks it up.

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