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Wendell Bolden is an inmate at the Rikers Island Facility and is testifying as a witness for the prosecution in the felony murder case against James King and Steve Harmon for the death of drugstore owner, Alguinaldo Nesbitt. He accidentally became privy to information on the case when one of the suspects, Bobo Evans, bragged that the cartons of cigarettes he was selling him were lifted from a drugstore that he'd robbed. After finding out that the drugstore owner had been shot and killed, he decided to use this information to reduce a sentence he was supposed to serve for assault.

Bolden's testimony during the trial gives the reader a lot of insight, not only into his particular character, but also into the mindset of a "thug" trying to make it in the "ghetto" and how the justice system works. For example, Bolden says that he was arrested for "B&E" on the stand, revealing not only the type of lingo used in jail, but also his nonchalant attitude about it. He seems to assume that everyone...

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