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tpisano eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Bob is Sherri "Cherry" Valence's boyfriend.  He is also the Social that beat Johnny up. (We learn this through Ponyboys' retelling of the story the night of the movie). He drives a "tuff" blue Mustang, wears a lot of rings (a clue that tells us he was responsible for hurting Johnny), and likes to bully others. He directs another social to "give the kid a bath" in the scene at the park.  That social then pushes Ponyboys' head under the water in the fountain. 

Johnny, being scared from the first time he got jumped and worried that they are going to kill Pony, kills him by stabbing him.

cburr eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Bob Sheldon is the stereotypical Soc (Social) character in the book. He is rich, drives a cool blue Mustang, and his parents let him do whatever he wants. Bob really loves to push other people around, and wears heavy rings on his hands when he fights greasers so he can do more damage. Bob is the one who beat up Johnny so badly that he was terrified and started to carry a switchblade with him.

Randy is Bob’s best friend. However, Bob’s character never develops in maturity the way Randy does.

At the turning point of the story, Bob tries to drown Ponyboy and Johnny kills him.

dneshan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Bob is one of the Socs, and he is also the boyfriend of Cherry Valence. Through hints in the novel referring to the rings on his fingers, we know that he is the Soc who previously beat up Johnny. He is also the Soc that Johnny ends up killing because he was trying to drown Ponyboy in the park the night that Ponyboy and Johnny ran away.

bekkygirl1 | Student

Bob Sheldon is Cherry Valance's boyfriend in the book. One night, when Ponyboy and Johnny are in the park, unwanted and alone, Bob and some other Socs come and pick a fight. Ponyboy smarts off to them, and they try to drown him. Furious and scared, Johnny kills Bob, the leader of the gang. Bob is the reason they go hide on Jay Mountain; they're murderers!

user3619198 | Student

 Bob is a static temporary charater in the story. Bob is a Soc who Johnny Cade kills and he is Cherry Valance's girlfriend. According to Randy, Bob's real problem was he neede a limit to be set for him and for his parents to love him enough to not take ALL the blame on themselves, that is why Bob kept going on to more extreme hights.

camila17 | Student

Bob is a very cruel in the nobel. He is the antagonyst of the booc. he is the leader of the gang. bob is cherri b. bf. he wears heavy rings to damage more in fights. drives a tuff blue mustang. he loves to bully al  richothers. and lastly he is really rich. sorry for spelling. hopes it help yu.thancs

smb12a4 | Student

he is a hard core man and a crazy guy which is the reason why he got killed because he had it coming his way after all he has done

helpalgebra | Student

bob sheldo is bob sheldo