The Great Gatsby Questions and Answers
by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Who is to blame for the death and destruction of Jay Gatsby? who has most of the blame? (besides George Wilson, i dont mean literally) quotes would be helpful!!

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On one hand, one might say that Daisy Buchanan is to blame for Gatsby's death because she abandons him, despite her protests to both Gatsby and Tom that she does, indeed, love Gatsby. If she left her husband, Tom, as she had planned, then she and Gatsby could have run away together, escaping George Wilson's retaliation for his wife's death—but Gatsby waited and waited at his house for her call in the end, and the call never came. As he said goodbye to Nick the last time they saw one another, "He looked at [Nick] anxiously, as if he hoped [Nick would] corroborate" his belief that Daisy would call soon. He was waiting for that call when Wilson shot him.

On the other hand, one might also say that...

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